Is 7zip Safe? – Everything You Need to Know

While 7-Zip may sound like a PC virus, it is a legitimate utility which compresses and decompresses files. It also comes with an integrated file manager that makes it possible to manage those documents. But if you really wanted to know if 7zip is safe and secure, keep on reading. In this post, you will find everything you need to know about 7zip app.

is 7zip safe

When sharing your computer, such as for business purposes, someone else may have set up 7-Zip without telling you. An IT person might also have set up the program on your computer. While it does not hurt to leave the program on your pc, it is possible to quickly delete 7-Zip if you think you don’t need it.

Is 7zip Safe

The 7-Zip utility won’t harm your computer or steal information. To protect your computer from viruses that are real, install an anti-virus software and keep it running at all times. Actual viruses can arrive in email messages, hide in documents you download and infect your computer when you see harmful websites.

If you find the 7-Zip app in your Windows computer, it may be recorded as 7z.exe. The 7z exe won’t harm your computer.

It is possible that a executable file or other document inside a 7-Zip archive may be a virus, so just like with any file, you should only start 7-Zip archive files delivered by someone you trust.

When to Use 7-Zip

One reason to use 7-Zip is because it is a totally free open-source application that runs on almost any computer. You don’t have to enroll 7-Zip to utilize it and the app integrates with the Windows shell, thanks to its founder Igor Pavlov. Meaning when you just right-click a zip file, then you will see a menu option that enables you to unzip the file using 7-Zip. You might even use 7-Zip to create compressed zip files that you could share with other people or store in your hard disk when you wish to archive information.

The program uses a file format called 7z that could compress files more efficiently than some other compression utilities. This can help you save on Internet transmission times when you download and upload these records, reduce your data charges and save you space in your hard drive and other storage devices.

If you send a 7Z file, you may need to clarify what it is, how to open it and also verify that it’s not a virus or something else nefarious.

How to Uninstall 7zip

You can then right-click on the 7-Zip icon and then click”Uninstall” to see the Programs and Features window. This window shows your installed programs and highlights 7-Zip, the program you right-clicked. When you click on the window “Uninstall/Change” button, Windows eliminates 7-Zip from your computer. Before clicking that button, ensure that 7-Zip is emphasized; you don’t wish to uninstall the incorrect application. You don’t need to reboot your computer after eliminating 7-Zip.

7zip Alternatives

You will often be more productive if you use a zip program because many programs that you download will be in zip format. People can also send you compressed files containing documents, images and even large databases. Other programs that help you compress and decompress files comprise WinZip and JZip. You can also extract everything from a compressed folder with Windows File Explorer.

Other operating systems, including Apple macOS and various Linux distributions, also include built-in support for the conventional
Zip format.


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